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TLC Secure, Inc. Management Team and Advisors
  1. John Matthesen, CEO
    John is a serial entrepreneur, with over 25 years of global operations and sales experience in the US, Europe and Asia. As part of the startup teams at Sybase and Commerce One, he held numerous positions, including CIO, VP of Asia Sales, and various roles in marketing and Engineering. Since then, he served as COO at an internet advertising company, CEO at a software anti-piracy company, COO at a biotech software company, and is currently on the board of numerous companies, including Shanghai and Montevideo.
  2. Larry Karisny, CBDO
    Larry is an author and expert in Smart Grid and critical infrastructure. Founder/director of ProjectSafety, a non-profit organization. Larry brings 20 years experience in a variety of local wireline and wireless network topologies including power grid private networks and NOC operations. He is the Director of Project which focuses on end to end security platforms for both local public and private shared networks.
  3. Phil Smith, CTO
    Phil is a startup veteran with expertise in security, and experience in start-ups​, SEO marketing, investment, project management and cryptocurrencies. He acquired the mature software IP of an established security company, Cranite Systems Inc. by transfer of assets to WirelessWall LLC, which Phil co-founded. The WirelessWall and SafeConnect VPN products represents roughly $50M in development from venture capital investment. Phil is a network security expert and former senior product developer and principle forensic engineer with Cranite and has deep knowledge of the product and core technology.
  4. Arsalan Masood
    Mascot Enterprises - Offshore Partner, Full Stack Developer and Embedded Engineer
  5. Rob Langhorne
    Founder CloudLogix. Successes at startups & large companies including: Apple (Newton sync, iSync) Oracle, Software AG, fusionOne (sync)
  6. Chris Rhodes
    Principal Software Engineer with over 30 years of experience in systems level software, device drivers, embedded, storage, high performance I/O and distributed systems .
  7. John Vigouroux
    CEO & Co-Founder at Nex Cubed. Former CEO of Cranite Systems and CEO of M86 Security, (acquired by Trustwave) joined as an advisor. John has been an extremely successful entrepreneur at raising capital, and Board Member of several investment groups.
  8. Taher Elgamal
    Dr. Elgamal is recognized in the industry as the inventor of Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), a protocol developed by Netscape for transmitting private documents via the Internet. Elgamal also wrote the SSL patent and promoted SSL as the Internet Security standard within standard committees and the industry.
  9. Manoj Bhatia
    Worldwide Sales and Business Development Leader Cisco Systems. Former Director Smart Grid Strategic Alliances, GE Digital Energy.
  10. Bill Melendez
    Founder and CEO of HEMS Technology, industrial and consumer electronics smart home devices. Expert in sales and sales process.
  11. Tony Flick
    Principle at FYRM Associates. Specializes inApplication Security, Application Architecture, Network Security, Wireless Security, Vulnerability Assessments, Penetration Testing, Social Engineering, Physical Security, Secure System Configurations, Database Security, Security Policies,
  12. Guru Yeleswarapu
    Gurumurthy Yeleswarapu has over 20 years of experience in Networking, Security and Mobile technologies. Founded couple of companies Efftronics Inc., (Which was sold in 1999) and e-Colt systems Inc., Worked at Various levels at Broadcom, Cisco, Marvell Semiconductor, Nortel, Cranite, Ubicom and Tandem Computers. Strong People, product manager and architect of Network solutions.

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